Planetoffices is an Event & Entertainment marketplace for booking Lounge & Clubs, entertainers, photographers, party rentals, Performers, Entertainment and Event Planners, Event Venues and others with automotive geolocation api to suggest your business to prospective client to book for services and amenities within the spectrum of your business model.

Planetoffices is a  multi-Entertainments, multi-vendors Events and Entertainment Marketplace that provides advertising strategies and gps directory, booking and ticketing service to enhance business growth for various organizations. Is an on-demand online services that provide private booking, rental and ticketing services for events owners and event seekers. Businesses such as bookings for Lounge and clubs, hotels, Event centres, DJs, Musicians, Comedians, Master of ceremony(MC), Live bands, events Centers, personality etc. Also Ticketing services for artist show performance, conferences, seminars, airlines/buses, movie box office, live game matches, Comedy show etc. Rental services such as Equipment rent-ages, utilities rent, real estate rent and many more capabilities. All these dynamic functionalities are provisioned for  business owners and and business seekers towards billing rate of events and services of business owners. Booking, ticketing and rental services for any business model with service types and customized business with company name, including private banners and logos, while business owners and service providers manage  business fully without third party involvement, thereby creating security, clear financial record, private dashboard to manage business with business intelligence and report for  business in real time. With technology driven business, automated scheduling system, transparency for  business operations with ratings and reviews, where by creating a comprehensive database for business operation. Moreover, clients can no longer own money, because services are paid for before they are delivered. 

For more information contact us at info@planetoffices.com

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